What’s New at the Co-op? Mocha Joe’s Cold Brew Cameroon!

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We’ve got your summer cold brew waiting for you from our own Mocha Joe’s Roasting Company located right here in Brattleboro, VT.

Cameroon Snapchill Coffee is a light roast coffee from Mocha Joe’s direct trade partners in Cameroon, West Africa.

Cameroon (the place), is a mixture of desert plains in the north, mountains in the central regions, and tropical rain forests in the south. Along its western border with Nigeria are mountains, which include the volcanic Cameroon Mountain—the highest point in West Africa.

Mocha Joe’s Cameroon is brewed hot and instantly chilled and canned to capture all that delicious complex flavor. It is light and refreshing — a nice warm weather change from heavier dark roast cold brews. Come to the Co-op to try one today.

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