Bulk Department

Our bulk section is one of the largest you'll find. We offer a wide variety of bulk options from nuts, seeds and dried fruit to coffee!
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Benefits of Buying in Bulk

Bulk buying is one of the best ways to shop these days, and the Co-op has just what you need!

Mass and volume are common synonyms of bulk and imply a large or heavy quantity. That may be true, in that our bulk selections are quite extensive, and there is a large amount of product in our bins and jars, but it does not mean you are expected to purchase a 25-pound bag of flour. Quite the opposite is true. You can buy a cup of flour using a scoop and a reusable container and take home only what you need at a bulk price point. Don’t worry! Those 25-pound bags are available when you need them.

Thank you for being ecologically conscious when you use paper bags or reusable jars and containers when you shop. When you purchase in bulk, you do away with all the packaging waste used otherwise. We encourage you to bring reusable containers; however, we have paper bags available and offer pre-tared jars and recycled plastic containers for purchase.

Another benefit to buying in bulk is preordering items and receiving a “case” discount. If you are looking for something not on our sales floor, be sure to ask, we welcome special orders.

Bulk Items You’ll Find at the Co-op

Many of our bulk products are local, organic, fairtrade, and/or non-GMO.

  • Herbs and Spices
  • Coffee, Tea, and Cha
  • Oil, Nut Butter, Maple Syrup, and Honey
  • Dried Fruits, Seeds, and Nut
  • Granola: A fantastic assortment of granolas to choose from!
  • Whole Grains and Flour
  • Rice, Beans, and Lentils
  • Chocolate Chips, Chocolate Covered Nuts & Fruit, Chunked Chocolate (White, Milk, and Dark)
  • Snacks and Trail Mixes
  • Sprouting Seeds
  • Sugars and Baking Dry Goods
  • “Grind your own" nut butter! Choose creamy almond or peanut butter on-demand and taste the goodness of freshly ground nut butter

The Bulk department has a refillable water station. You can purchase your water jugs here or refill your own.

Other Bulk items are available throughout the store. We also have an amazing selection of Equal Exchange and FairTrade whole-bean Coffee available in gravity bins or ordered in 5-pound bags. You can take the beans home whole or use our convenient multi-choice grinding stations in the store.

How to Shop in the Bulk Department

A courteous and professional Co-op Associate is always available to assist and answer your questions about bulk products or shopping.
Before dispensing anything from the bulk department, we ask that customers don food-safe gloves or hand sanitizer.
If you bring containers or use one we have available for purchase, take them to the scales and weigh them while they are still empty. We provide stickers at the scale stations for you to write the tare weight and the PLU# on and adhere to your containers. This is important as we want to avoid charging you for the weight of your jar.
If you forgot or don’t have reusable containers, we have several options for you. No need to measure the weight of a bag (paper or plastic).
Use a sticker to identify the PLU# of the items you purchase, fill them with the desired products, and place them in your shopping cart.
If you’re ordering a large quantity of something or have been notified that an order you “pre-ordered” or “special ordered” has arrived, go to the window in the Bulk area and ask for assistance. They will bring your order to you.
When you purchase coffee, we have compostable paper bags available for your use—all coffee sold in bulk is whole-bean. If you desire a specific grind, you are welcome to use the DIY grinding stations.

Curbside Pick Up

Our curbside service is only available Monday through Friday. Call us before 12 noon for a next-day pickup.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions, feedback or product request, come visit us or feel free to contact us. We’d love to hear from you.