Shareholder Benefits

About Shareholder Benefits

You’ll be supporting local farms, businesses, families, non-profit organizations, and even the planet through the sustainable practices of the Co-op. You’ll also be invited to connect with others in the community through Co-op events and classes and shareholder volunteer opportunities made available for social and community engagement.

About 50% of the proceeds that come into the Co-op are reinvested into our community in the form of wages, taxes, contributions, and purchases.

You’ll have the exclusive right to cast a vote for the Board of Directors members, attend the Annual Shareholders Meeting, vote on bylaw changes, and you may also run for the Board of Directors.

Through volunteer involvement, you may earn a shareholder in-store discount, be offered shareholder offers such as shareholder-specific sales and promotions, and even be eligible to receive patronage dividends based on your spending on years that dividends are awarded.

Working Shareholders who volunteer 2 hours per month at one of our participating Commitment to Community partners, receive a 5% discount on purchases made at the Co-op.

Food For All Shareholders receive a 10% discount on purchases made at the Co-op, excluding beer & wine. Food For All Shareholders who also volunteer 2 hours per month at one of our participating Commitment to Community partners may receive an additional 5% discount, for a total of 15% off purchases at the Co-op, excluding beer & wine purchases.

Additional Benefits

     In order to qualify for the benefits below, you must be a fully vested Shareholder. This means your share must be paid in full. 
If you are unsure if you are paid in full, please reach out to Shareholder Services at, or call 802-246-2821.

Dead River Company is offering the BFC shareholders and BFC employees special rates on Heating Oil and Propane for their homes. These rates reflect Dead River Company’s commitment to providing you with value and cost savings for your heating needs.

Promo Pricing:
Heating Oil/K1: $0.10 off retail
Propane: $0.30 off retail (central heat)
Propane: $0.10 off retail (for non-central heat appliances)
Eligible for additional -$0.10 prompt pay discount on all products if paid within 15 days.

Fixed Propane Pricing (up to three years):
(Prebuy or Budget programs)
750+ Gallons = $2.299 
500-749 Gallons = $2.499
300-499 Gallons = $2.699

Fixed Oil Pricing: TBD

New Customer Discount Offers:
Free Propane Gallons
750 (+) gallons annually = 100 Free Gallons 
500-750 gallons annually = 50 Free Gallons 
Gallon credit applied after first delivery.

$100 Welcome Credit for new customers only

*All incentives require a new, Charge Approved, Automatic Delivery Account*

Not applicable to service only accounts.

To collect your incentives and activate your account, simply call our Customer Relationship Center at 855-317-4837 or email and mention Brattleboro Food Co-Op Group Code #1902 to collect your incentives and activate your account. Offer subject to change without notice due to changes in market conditions.

For existing customers please call your local office at 855-317-4837.

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