Producer of The Month

We are committed to contributing, supporting, and building a sustainable local economy. Each year, we sell products from more than 400 local vendors amounting to approximately $4 million. We continually seek to support new local producers and to grow the businesses of our established vendors, farmers, and all the folks who help build a strong local economy.

About The Producer of The Month

Each month we focus on identifying a local producer to feature in our monthly newsletter, Food for Thought and in-store. We conduct an in-depth interview, and feature photos, creating an article that reaches over 9,000 shareholders.  We invite the producer to the Co-op to show off their wares through a demonstration or a tasting.

We promote the producer and event through print materials as well as our website, Facebook, and Instagram advertising. This program is central to our cooperatively owned business.

How do we set the criteria for "local"?

  • A local producer is in Vermont, or within a 60-mile radius of Brattleboro, Vermont.

Who are our local producers?

  • A local producer can be a farmer, baker, artist, cheesemaker, candy maker, chocolatier, or any business that produces a product our Co-op carries, and customers need and want.
  • A local producer can range from one person, to a sustainable business employing hundreds.

Current Producer of The Month

Dean’s Beans Organic Coffee: Indigenous Activism in Every Cup

Coffee  is truly a global connector. Almost the entire population of planet Earth could be divided into two groups: coffee consumers and coffee suppliers. These days there’s more gray area […]