What’s New at the Co-op? Glass Jars in Bulk!

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Glass jars return to the Bulk Department.

herb spice tea jars herb spice tea jars herb spice tea jars
Yes. You asked and we listened.

Glass jars in the Bulk Department are not actually a new thing. Pre-pandemic the herbs, spices, and teas had been available for self-serve in these same-style glass jars.

When the time came to allow self-service to return in the Bulk Department we changed over to plastic jugs with a shake-and-pour lid to offer a measure of safety for our customers.

These plastic jars made for a touch-less experience for our customers, however, they were found to be difficult to shake or pour. We also discovered them to be quite brittle. The teas, herbs, and spice containers used for self-service really need to be sturdy and durable.

Alas, we have brought back the easy-to-handle, trusted glass jars for the bulk herbs, spices, and teas along with their handy scoops. We look forward to your having a pleasant shopping experience the next time you come to the Co-op and shop BULK.

Oh, and please enjoy bringing along your own containers, bags, and jars to use for your bulk purchases.  

herb spice tea jars herb spice tea jars herb spice tea jars