An Update from Sabine on White Fragility Book group…

| Food Justice

I need to apologize. Again. For my white privilege which has allowed me to not focus on racial inequality for the last 11 weeks, as, truth be told, I had no capacity other than thinking about staff and customers’ physical safety, keeping people employed, and providing food to the community. All fine ways to occupy my brain, but this last week reminded me that I have the luxury of not having to think about racial disparity, never mind safety, every minute of every day. That has to stop for me. I cannot accept that we are still having the kinds of actions that were once more perpetuated in Minneapolis, and across the nation, that are unacceptable and enraging.


On Saturday, July 7th, our Brattleboro Food Co-op will join co-ops around the world in celebrating International Co-ops Day, joining the United Nations (UN) and the International Co-operative Alliance in a commemoration held annually since 1923.  This year, at a time of dramatic change in the political and environmental climates and local economies, co-ops and credit unions are highlighting how their businesses offer a solution by contributing to more sustainable local communities.