Letter from Lizi Rosenberg

  | Staff

Dear Friends,

In order to bring more balance and harmony to my life, I will be leaving my role as the Education and Outreach Coordinator at the BFC starting January 1st. Please continue to send your requests for programming, questions or concerns to Jon Megas-Russell at Jonmr@brattleborofoodcoop.coop. The BFC will continue to support many of the programs that have been part of our repertoire including the Friday KidsPlayce reading time, the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables program, and producing events and classes in our Community Room/Kitchen Classroom.

Please also know that we may be able to support food donations, such as fruits and veggies, for a tasting or snack at an after school program that has a gap in food for a day. Know that the Co-op is invested and can support your cause with food, even if our time is not available. Please know that it has been an honor and a true joy for me to work with you over the past many years. Thank you for including the BFC in your classrooms, events and lessons.

With appreciation, Lizi