Shareholder Bagging relaunches November 16th

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Co-op Shareholder Bagger Volunteer Hours

We are re-launching Shareholder bagging in the Front End. Starting November 16th we will welcome Shareholders back into the Co-op to bag groceries for customers.  Shareholder Workers must follow personal protection and safety requirements for performing a volunteer shift. One must sign up via Shareholder Services, Jon in Marketing or Jaci in the Front End. Full details below.

Please note two very important Covid-19 safety requirements for these volunteer shifts:

  • Ask each customer if they would like help bagging or not.
  • Wash or sanitize hands between every customer, even if wearing gloves.

Shareholder Workers are required to sign the Shareholder Volunteer Hours Personal Protection and Safety Requirements Agreement before each shift to certify they’re aware of these and other safety protocols. They’re also required to sign the Shareholder Volunteer Health Log before each shift.

Please read below for more details and feel free to reach out with questions to Shareholder Services or Marketing. 


Front End Bagger Shareholder Volunteer Shifts

Daily shifts, starting Monday November 16th – December 31st

Sunday – Thursday:

  • 11am – 1pm
  • 1 – 3pm
  • 3 – 5pm 
  • 2 x 5-7 pm

Friday and Saturday:

  • 11 – 1pm
  • 1 – 3pm
  • 3 – 5pm
  • 5 – 7pm

Volunteer Tasks

  • Bagging groceries
  • Bringing hand baskets and carts to exitway for sanitizing
  • Bringing milk deposit bottles from registers to crates.

Sign Up Process

  • Shareholders must sign up ahead of time
  • Shareholders must sign up through someone in Shareholder Services or Jon M-R in Marketing. You can reach Annie or Ruth at Shareholder Services at or 802-246-2821, Jon in Marketing at:  
  • Please do not arrive for a shift unless confirmed with one of these three people at Shareholder Services or Marketing.

Arrival process

  • All people performing shifts must follow personal protection and safety requirements. 
  • Upon arrival for the volunteer shift Shareholders must check in at Shareholder Services to sign two documents: the Health Log and the Personal Protection and Safety Requirements Agreement.
  • Every bagger must be trained thoroughly before beginning their first shifts, and read through bagging instructions even if they’ve performed this job previously
  • The Health Log includes the following information:
    • name, phone #, date, and time of volunteer shift 
    • Self-certifies absence of fever
    • Self-certifies absence of cough/shortness of breath
    • Self-certifies has not knowingly been in proximity to someone                                            with a positive COVID-19 result.
  • The Personal Protection and Safety Requirements Agreement includes:
    • No eating or drinking
    • Mask mandatory
    • No cellphone use
    • No music, headphones, or podcasts
    • Must wash or sanitize hands between each customer
    • Must get permission from customer before starting to bag groceries
  • Volunteers must sign both documents and adhere to these requirements or else will not be allowed to complete their shift.

Upon Completion of Shift

  • Check back in at Shareholder Services and log your hours on the computer or with staff.
  • Leave your Shareholder name tag. 
  • Shareholder hours will be tracked within 24 hours. 


We thank you for your help and cooperation during this unusual time!

For questions and to schedule a shift, contact:

Shareholder Services at or 802-246-2821

Jon in Marketing at: