How to Cook a Turkey

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How to Cook a Turkey

by Stonewood Farms

Set the oven temperature to no lower than 325°F. Remove turkey from bag. Remove giblets and neck from inside turkey. Rinse turkey and drain. Optional— salt turkey lightly inside and out. If stuffing is desired, allow about 3/4 cups of stuffing per pound. Place breast side up, on a rack in shallow roasting pan. Cover loosely with foil. Avoid letting foil touch top or sides. Roast according to USDA sourced chart. www.


4-8 lb (breast)–1½ to 3¼ hrs

8-12 lb–2¾ to 3 hrs

12-14 lb–2 to 3¾ hrs

14-18 lb–3¾ to 4¼ hrs

18-20 lb–4¼ to 4½ hrs

20-24 lb–4½ to 5 hrs


6-8 lb (breast)–2½ to 3½ hrs

8-12 lb–3 to 3½ hrs

12-14 lb–3½ to 4¼ hrs

14-18 lb–4 to 4¼ hrs

18 -20 lb–4¼ to 4¾ hrs

20-24 lb–4¾ to 5¼ hrs

To enhance appearance, remove foil the last third of roasting time. Cook until well done, to an internal temperature of 165°F. To check temperature, place thermometer into deepest portion of breast. Allow bird to sit 15 to 30 minutes before carving.