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These items have been pre-packed for you in the store and available for curbside pickup.

We are no longer offering self-serve in the Bulk Department and are pre-packing in-store, these limited top-selling items for you.

Please note:

  • Bulk Herbs, Spices, Teas and Coffees: ALMOST ALL STILL AVAILABLE
  • Bulk Liquids and nut butters: ALMOST ALL STILL AVAILABLE

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Granola In Stock?
Back Roads – Ancient Grains, Maple Pecan, Coconut Crunch, Coconut Ginger, Original, Chocolate Pecan, Nut-Free Yes
Golden Temple – Vanilla Almond, Blueberry Flax, Coconut Almond, Strawberry Raspberry, Bilberry Limoncello, Gingersnap Yes
True North – Chocolate, Maple Vanilla, Coconut, Go Nuts, Granola Blues, Ginger Pineapple, No Grainer, Yes
Grandy – Swiss Muesli, Coconola Yes
Nutty Steph – Vermont Yes
NENB – Save the Forest, Maple Almond Date Yes
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Dried Fruit
All Dried Fruit Is In Stock Yes
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Organic Red Lentils Yes
Organic Black Beans Yes
Organic Garbanzo Beans Yes
Organic Green Lentils Yes
Organic Green Split Peas Yes
Organic Pinto Beans Yes
Organic Kidneys Yes
Organic French Lentils Yes
Organic Mung Beans Yes
Organic Lima Beans Yes
Organic Cannelini Beans Yes
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Mixed Nuts, Salted Or No Salt Yes
Almonds Yes
Walnuts Yes
Organic Walnuts Yes
Cashews, Salted Or No Salt Yes
Organic Raw Cashews Yes
Organic Roasted Salted Cashews Yes
Salted Peanuts Yes
Organic Peanuts Yes
Salted Almonds Yes
Tamari Almonds Yes
Pecans Yes
Organic Pecans Yes
Organic Sunflower Seeds Yes
Brown Sesame Seeds Yes
Organic Golden Flax Seeds Yes
Organic Brown Flax Seeds Yes
Organic Pumpkin Seeds Yes
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Organic All Purpose Malted Flour Yes
Organic Cane Sugar Yes
Mt Marcy Organic White Bread Flour Yes
King Arthur Special Flour 50 Lbs Yes
Adirondack A/P Flour 25 Lbs Yes
Chocolate Chips Yes
Organic WW Bread Flour Yes
Nutritional Yeast Yes
Baking Chocolate- 53%, 70%, Unsweetened Yes
Baking Yeast Yes
Salt Yes
Brown Sugar Yes
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Organic Rolled Oats Yes
Organic Yellow Popcorn Yes
Organic Steel Cut Oats Yes
Organic White Quinoa Yes
Organic Millet Yes
Organic Farro Yes
Organic Polenta Yes
Organic Cornmeal Yes
Mideastern Couscous Yes
Organic Wheat Berries Yes
Organic Hullled Barley Yes
Organic Pearled Barley Yes
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Organic Jasmine Rice Yes
Organic White Basmati Rice Yes
Organic Brown Basmati Rice Yes
Short Grain Brown Rice Yes
Organic Short Grain Brown Rice Yes
Long Grain Brown Rice Yes
Organic Long Grain Brown Rice Yes
Organic White Long Grain Rice Yes
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Trail Mix/Snacks
Magical Mystery Mix Yes
Chocolate Nut Crunch Trail Mix Yes
Sesame Sticks Yes
Dark Chocolate Almonds Yes
Chocolate Pretzels Yes
Peanut Butter Pretzels Yes
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