Covered Bike Parking at the Coop needs your support!

  | Brattleboro

Brattleboro Coalition for Active Transportation and Local Motion (local and statewide bike advocacy groups) need your support to install covered bike parking at the Co-op. BCAT will purchase and install a Dero Vizor shelter unit to cover the existing bike parking. This shelter is strong enough to handle the snow load and fits with the Coop’s building design. Additionally, Southeast Vermont Career Center Building Trades Class will donate their time and expertise to install the shelter.

Cost for the shelter units: $8,750

Funds raised to date: $4,500

Balance needed: $4,250

Your donation will help make this project a reality in the Spring of 2022! Please help us strengthen our community by making our streets friendlier, our bodies healthier, and our environmental footprint smaller by donating today! And help us spread the word by sharing this page with your friends and family.

You may donate online or send your check to Local Motion Inc., 1 Steele Street #103, Burlington, VT 05401, reference “BCAT.”