Learning, Giving, and Growing through Service on the Board of Directors

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We are really looking forward to this year’s Annual Meeting, in September, and the opportunity to connect in person with you, our fellow shareholders, for the first time since 2019.

The Annual Meeting also means Board elections!

Serving on the Board offers you, our shareholders, the opportunity to step into a rewarding leadership role. You will learn the ins and outs of policy governance, gain a better understanding of how BFC works, and discover the myriad ways we serve our community. Each of us brings unique skills and perspectives, helping the Board expand its vision and perform its duties in building a strong, resilient, and responsible organization.

In this second year of my service, I can say that being on this Board has been an incredible learning experience. The mentorship and professional development I received as a new Board member helped me understand our role, responsibilities, and the value of cooperative business practices. I’ve deeply enjoyed learning how the Board supports the long-term health of the Co-op, how good governance can foster creativity and stability, and just how much our Co-op and its shareholders contribute to our community. I’ve also learned quite a bit about myself, challenged myself, and made some new friends.

Now, I find myself moved to continue giving back to our Co-op, as it gives so much to us by strengthening our community’s health and well-being, being a responsible local employer, and building a remarkable network of social philanthropy with all of you.

Shareholders can participate in the Board in a number of ways: attending Board meetings (via Zoom or in person), running for a seat on the Board, volunteering to work with committees and task forces that come up, or even (hint, hint) volunteering to facilitate at our World Café conversation at this year’s Annual Meeting.

Whether you are ready to serve this year, or in a few years, annual elections mean there will always be an opportunity on the horizon. We welcome the chance to answer any questions you may have or to help you navigate the process of becoming a candidate, offering your time on a committee, or volunteering as a World Cafe facilitator.

If this is your year, register early (before mid-August!) to make sure we are able to publicize your candidacy and statement of interest to our shareholders. The final deadline for candidate registration, sans publicity, is September 9th, 2023. Elections are held from September 23 – October 7.

To learn more about running for the BFC Board, please click here.

by Michele Meulendyk