Board Member Steps Down

  | BFC Newsflash, Board of Directors

June 21, 2023

Denise Glover has stepped down from the Co-op’s Board of Directors. Denise, who until recently was employed at the Co-op as a sub cashier, was serving as a staff director. Our policy is that when staff members leave the Co-op, they must step down from the Board.

The Board has appreciated Denise’s service and perspective as a staff member and, in particular, her active participation on the GM Search Committee. The Board wishes Denise well as she moves on.

Per Board policy, the Board will be discussing in Executive Session at an upcoming meeting, whether, how, and by when to fill the vacancy. Specifically, the Board will decide whether to appoint someone to fill the remainder of Denise’s term, which runs through 2025. Alternatively, the Board may choose to leave the position open until the next election, which will take place this September.

If you enjoy being a shareholder of the Brattleboro Food Co-op and support its values and role in the community, have a passion for building our local food economy and advancing a cooperatively owned, democratically-run local business, and are a team player who would enjoy working with a group of respectful, thoughtful and collaborative neighbors, we would value your participation on the Board.

You can find out more and submit a statement of interest by visiting the Board’s page on our website (Click here), or by contacting the Board at