Why Run For the Board?

  | Board of Directors, News from the Board of Directors

Here’s what our Board of Directors say about Board service:

  • “There is much to learn about how the Co-op operates. It is so interesting.”
  • “Join the Board–it’s educational & fun; get involved and see how the Co-op works.”
  • “Being on the Co-op Board is my favorite way of giving back to the community.”
  • “Service on the Board is an opportunity to contribute to an important institution in our community while working with some wonderful people.”
  • “It is an opportunity to work with a group of people who are incredibly invested in the future of Brattleboro and our community–not just the Coop itself. It is a real opportunity to contribute to something good, with good people.
  • “Serve while learning.”
  • “You’ll be surprised how much you learn!”
  • “I am so committed to the health and success of the BFC, and this gives me an opportunity to participate in a deep and authentic way.”
  • “Participation in cooperative governance allows us to learn about ourselves and to better cultivate skills that allow for respectful discourse, deep listening, and compromise.”

If you are curious to learn more, please contact: Board@BFC.coop