Election Results: Board of Director and Bylaw Changes

  | Board of Directors


2 Main Street • Brattleboro, Vermont 05301 Board of Directors

November 26, 2018


Total Ballots Cast: 702

649 on-line ballots, 53 paper ballots (of which 2 were invalid)

Results by Candidate:  

Jerelyn Wilson 564 votes

Beth Neher 502 votes

Judy Fink 402 votes

Tamara Stenn 400 votes

Tracy Sloan 355 votes

Denise Glover 189 votes

Elected to the Board

Jerelyn Wilson

Beth Neher

Judy Fink

Tamara Stenn

Bylaw Votes

Make a global stylistic change to the bylaws by adding a hyphen to the word “Coop”, so that it reads “Co-op.”

Votes in favor of the proposed wording change: 606. Votes against: 52. Abstentions: 42. 

The bylaw is hereby amended.

“Section 2.2 – Admission. Applicants shall be admitted to shareholder status upon paying or subscribing for a share of common stock at its then stated value. In the event of questionable eligibility, admission shall be subject to approval by the Board of Directors. On or before admission to shareholder status each applicant shall be provided a copy of these bylaws, including the appended explanation of the patronage dividend consent provision, such copy indicating its date of approval or adoption. A legal entity applying for membership must maintain a single individual as an authorized representative.”

Votes in favor of the proposed wording change: 566.  Votes against: 31. Abstentions: 102. 

The bylaw is hereby amended.

Section 2.4 – Responsibilities. To maintain shareholder status in good standing, shareholders shall keep reasonably current in share payments, including payments required by reason of an increase in the stated value of shares. Shareholders shall abide by these by-laws, by decisions made at shareholder and Board meetings and by the means established in these by-laws to amend such decisions. Shareholders are expected to apprise the Co-op of any changes of name or address.

Votes in favor of the proposed wording change: 539. Votes against: 71. Abstentions: 90. 

The bylaw is hereby amended.

Thank you to all the shareholders who voted and to our candidates for running! If you are a shareholder interested in running for the Board of Directors in 2019, please ask at Shareholder Services, contact a board member, or email the board administrator at SarahB@brattleborofoodcoop.coop. We are looking forward to a great year ahead!