Brattleboro Food Co-op Kids Room Re-opens 

  | BFC Newsflash

The Kids Room is open. Yes, it’s true! We are welcoming families and kids back into the Kids Room here at the Brattleboro Food Co-op. The kids room has always been an integral part of our Co-op and we are excited to bring families back together to enjoy a meal or allow their kids to play. Of course we request that children are always supervised and never leave the room without a guardian or parent. Books, toys, chairs, and a wee little table will be available for your enjoyment.

A few other points to keep in mind.

  1. Masks: The CDC has alerted us that Windham County is now at a substantial community transmission rate. Mask use is strongly recommended indoors, PLEASE MASK UP! Thank you.
  2. Cleaning. Co-op staff will execute large scale cleaning and sanitizing. However, we do ask that you clean up after any food you enjoy and we ask your kids to tidy up before they leave.
  3. Shareholder hours.  No longer offered in the Kids room. If you are seeking Shareholder hours please visit our Commitment to Community page and learn more about volunteer opportunities.
  4. Capacity. There are currently no official limits on the number of people in the Kids room but we ask you to respect the space of others that may already be enjoying the room. 
  5. Food. We welcome you to enjoy a meal with your family but please pay for it before you enter the Kids room.

We look forward to seeing you enjoying the Kids room with your family very soon!

Jon, Marketing and Community Relations Manager, 802-246-2813