What Would You Tell a Shareholder? May 2022

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What would you tell a Shareholder?

May 2022 Board of Directors meeting.

  • I feel optimistic and excited about the direction(s) things are moving in and the ideas our new GM has for our Co-op! Come to a meeting!
  • There is a lot of learning that takes place in each Board meeting about Board process and about business financials.
  • It was great to hear the Board focus on making sure that governance continues to serve the intended purpose. I appreciated the time spent understanding the finances and there were several very thoughtful questions and discussion. The Co-op is financially healthy and the Board is being purposeful about engaging our shareholders.
  • This was Lee’s first Board meeting as our General Manager. I was very impressed with how normal and comfortable he was and felt.
  • I would tell our shareholders that they are awesome for donating $19,000+ worth of shareholder dividends to Groundworks!
  • It’s so exciting to see how comfortable Lee, our new GM, is in his role, and how enthusiastic he is about leading the Co-op as it looks to the future.
  • We spent a good amount of time reviewing the third quarter financial report. And, we continue to build on the working relationship with the new GM.
  • The Co-op is on stable financial ground with sufficient cash-on hand to maintain services for 41 days.
  • I would tell a shareholder that we had a very productive meeting getting a better perspective of the store’s finances and moving forward  trying to make our store successful.
  • The energy and engagement for our first hybrid Board Meeting was great! It proves that we can continue moving safely towards in person meetings with the option for those who need it to join remotely.
  • It’s always interesting to see the nuts and bolts of running a co-op.