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Producer of the Month: Bart's Homemade Ice Cream PDF Print E-mail

by Sabine Rhyne
July 2015

Barbara Fingold and Gary Schaefer are—dare we say it? —“partners in cream.” They met back in the late ‘70s, when both of them were family therapy social workers, and they shared a love of the creamy wonder that fuels many of our summer memories. Barbara was by far the most intrepid: though she lived in West Hartford, she and her roommates traveled New England looking for the best scoop shops. One such nirvana was found in Northampton, MA, at Bart’s Homemade Ice Cream, created and opened by Hobart D. Smith (“Princeton class of ’65,” Gary chuckles). Hobart, it turns out, was an entrepreneur of the creative variety, not one of the stay-with-it variety. So, within a couple of years, he was looking for a buyer. Meanwhile, Barbara and Gary had met, and had just returned from a vacation in which they acknowledged being open to something new, something different. Within a few weeks, there they were, looking at the ice cream shop’s books on the hood of a car out front, and with the blessing of their accountant, they were on to their new adventure, one that has taken them well into the freezers of co-ops and stores all over New England. They never intended to spend most of their adult lives growing the ice cream business, but life is funny that way.

From the GM: With Deep Gratitude PDF Print E-mail

by Sabine Rhyne, General Manager
July 2015

I have had ample occasion to think about our cooperative over the last few months: what I hope for, what I think our cooperative could be in this community, and what our owners, all 6,700 of them, might want our cooperative to be. Once my selection as General Manager was announced, I was overwhelmed with positive interactions, from staff, shareholders, and shoppers. In fact, those interactions continue still. I have people coming up to me in the street, and even on the hiking trail, telling me how happy they are that I am to lead our Co-op.

Seeking Input PDF Print E-mail

by Sabine Rhyne
July 2015

Shopper Survey Coming Soon!
We'd like to hear from you about how we're doing in our store.
We will be sending out a survey by e-mail to all our shareholders who have current email addresses with us.
We will also have a station set up at the end of the Shareholder Services desk for you to take the survey in the store. This survey is open to all shoppers, and we will encourage as many people as possible to participate.
Please take the time to log in to take this survey when you receive your invitation. It will take about five to ten minutes, and will help us to refine what we do. So, look for an email from us very soon, and/or stop by the station that will soon be set up at Shareholder Services to participate. We want to hear from you!

Board of Directors: The Road Ahead PDF Print E-mail

by John Hatton
July 2015

Sabine Rhyne is happy, excited, and looking forward. She has a new job in which she gets to combine almost all of her work experience: a long history of working in the cooperative world, her excellent sense of customer service, a strong background in retail, marketing, planning, management, communication, and understanding and meeting the needs of member-owners. Not sure yet where her renowned expertise as a cellist may come in, but time will tell. Sabine Rhyne is the new General Manager of the Brattleboro Food Co-op.

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