We are phasing out plastic bags in the Produce Department.

January 3, 2024
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As we strive to live up to End Policy #4, which calls for us to engage in sustainable and regenerative environmental practices, our Produce department will be transitioning to exclusively Crown Poly Pull-N-Pak compostable bags.

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  • These bags are:
    • Made of 100% GMO-free vegetable starches
    • Fully biodegradable
    • Certified compostable in both home and municipal settings
    • Will degrade within 180 days

Info & Tips

  • Your produce may not stay fresh for as long in these bags.
  • Dry your used bags out and use them in your home compost bucket.RdXRnpRtIOvNaHOEs9qHwZNXAQhk93ImrwQbsPwb2zgORl5xSYqC4E8isDNLOSKQtfuWX5tU3XjSZ19S5eSdU7Y5z tXQ3k7RUis3 PhSCf32rALcQTATz3lLbUPkwLVBHJSheFFCnR42l7 gnlwCs
  • When you get home, consider putting your delicate produce like cilantro and parsley in a mason jar with a bit of water and store it in the fridge.

Your other options

  • You can continue to use your own plastic bags you bring from home.
  • You can use paper bags, which we provide in several sizes.
  • You can purchase reusable produce bags at the Co-op:
    • 3BBags: USA-made, polyester, and can hold up to 20 pounds. Find these in Produce. 2 bags for $5.99*.
      collard greens 2 in large web
    • vejibag: USA-made, organic cotton. Find these in Produce. $19.99* for extra large. Other sizes/prices are available.
      Untitled 32 1.png
    • flip & tumble: Polyester mesh bags, machine washable.
      Find them in Aisle 2. $12.99* for a set of 5.
    • If You Care: Food Waste Bags, 3-gallon, made of GMO-free potato starch, certified home compostable.
      Find them in Aisle 5. $7.99* for 30 bags. Similar to the Crown Poly pull-n-pak.
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For storing your fresh produce

The Co-op sells Bluapple VeggieZips with HydroLiners. These are premium bags designed for longer-term produce storage. The bags have vents to let ethylene gas escape and a HydroLiner that, when dampened, adds moisture to produce and absorbs excess moisture when used dry. Washable, reusable. Find these in Produce. $12.99* for 22.

Did you know?

  • Only 1-3% of plastic bags are recycled worldwide. 
  • At current rates of use, plastic is expected to outweigh all the fish in the sea by 2050. 

*Please note: prices may change.