News from the GM Search Committee

November 30, 2023
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Lee Bradford’s last day as our General Manager was September 1. Since then, we have interviewed via Zoom six potential GM candidates from a wide pool of applicants. We anticipate moving forward with in-person interviews for 2-3 finalists during the month of December. Finalists will interview with the full Board as well as the management team, and will have the opportunity to meet with the staff and tour the store. There will be opportunity for staff to offer feedback which will help to inform the Board’s ultimate decision. 

The Search Committee is made up of Board members and has been assisted by four staff members: our Director of People and Culture, Emilee Hobbs, oversees recruitment and pre-screening, our Board Administrator, Sarah Brennan, keeps us on track, and Cindy Hutcheson and Ruth Garbus observe screening interviews and provide valuable feedback.

Jerelyn Wilson

President, Board of Directors