Goodbyes and Hellos

July 3, 2024
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By Michele Meulendyk, Board Vice President

As we welcome new Board members each term, in November, the Board lays the foundation of our work for the coming year. Board members choose which committees they will work with and we begin to look toward preparing for the Annual Shareholder Meeting.

At that point, it feels like we have all the time in the world to connect with you, our shareholders, to actively inspire and recruit candidates for the next election cycle, and to plan our Annual Shareholder Meeting.

Then, all of a sudden, it’s May!

Then July!!

And in only two months, September!!!

The Board serves as the means by which our 9,000+ shareholders/owners take responsibility for their part in shaping the future of and ensuring the wellbeing of our beloved Co-op. In an increasingly busy world, it can be hard to carve out time for this kind of work…but it’s also not work we can outsource, nor would we want to.

It’s not glamorous, but when the Board works well, it’s a rewarding opportunity to learn more about your Co-op, develop new skills, and work with some folks you might not otherwise have met.

This year, we say farewell to two women who have dedicated a lot of time, wisdom and passion in service to the BFC Board of Directors.

Jerelyn Wilson, our current President, will “term out” this year, after 9 years of Board service! During this time, she has helped the Board dive deeply into Policy Governance and to reflect on the purpose and meaning of our role as representatives. She has helped the Board navigate not one, but two General Manager searches. She’s also helped me find a strong appreciation for the Policies that help our evolving Board orient to our role and responsibilities.

We also say goodbye to Judy Fink, our current Secretary and prior Vice President, after 6 years of service. As the Board’s VP, she worked diligently alongside Jerelyn to navigate the landscape of GM searches. She’s also developed standard operating procedures to help future committees carry forward the work of recruitment. Judy was my mentor when I joined the Board, and helped me learn the ropes, answered my endless questions and helped me begin to see the bigger picture of Board service.

As we say a fond farewell to these two dedicated women, we also look forward to welcoming new Board members who are ready to serve, learn and collaborate. If that’s you, be sure to submit your Candidate Statement of Interest by September 7.

We look forward to seeing you this year, at Retreat Farm’s North Barn, for the Co-op’s Annual Shareholder Meeting on Saturday, September 21. We’re offering child-minding and activities, in the hope that more parents are able to join us this year. We’ll be showcasing our Commitment to Community partners, where you can serve our community while earning your shareholder discount hours. And, of course, we’ll kick off our Board elections, which run from September 21 through October 5.