Pre-Order A Case

– I0% Pre-order discount* applies to cases in the quantity we receive them.

– There are no pre-order discounts on cases of beer.
– I0% Discount on a full case of wine* (minimum 12 of one wine).
– 5% Discount on a mixed case of wine (minimum 12 mixed wine).
– All sales on beer/wine are final. No returns. No exchanges.
– Spoiled, undrinkable beer/wine may be eligible for a refund or exchanged for a product of equal value. You must have the receipt.

Some amount of beer/wine must be in the bottle to legally be returned.

I0% Pre-order discount* on:
– Coffee (5 lb. minimum)
– Herb/spice (I lb. minimum)
– Bulk dry goods (minimum order depends on item)
– Bulk liquid (typically in gallon jugs.

10% Pre-order discount* on:
– 3 pounds or more of cheese
– Packaged cheese by the case.

– Shareholder and pre-order discounts do not apply to catering orders.
– 10% Pre-order discount* on items ordered in the quantity we receive them.

I0% Pre-order discount* on:
– Cases in the quantity that we receive them.
– IO Pounds or more of house-made sausage.

10% Pre-order discount* on items ordered in the quantity we receive them (i.e., case. bushel. etc.).

10% Pre-order discount* applies to each pre-order in multiples of three or more of the same product.
– Items taken from the shelf on the day of purchase are not subject to pre-order discounts.
– Order usually takes 1-4 weeks to arrive, depending on vendor. Please check with a Wellness Buyer if you are concerned about delivery dates.

*Shareholder discounts do not apply to pre-orders

Pre-order a Case

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