Classic Dosa Crepe Recipe

March 1, 2024
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Republished with permission from Dosa Kitchen

Thin and crispy is your goal for this dosa family member. Keys to success are using a low-sided cast-iron pan, greasing it very lightly, getting it super-hot, and practice. This recipe makes a 10-inch dosa crepe using ¼ cup Dosa Batter, but that’s just a guideline: there’s no wrong size or shape for a dosa. Watch the Dosa Crepe video before you start out.

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  • Get your dosa station ready: Take a triple layer of paper towels and fold them in half, then in half again. (Alternatively, roll up a cloth and tie it into a cylinder shape or insert a fork into the root end of an onion half, cut side down.)
  • Heat a low-sided 10½-inch or so skillet, preferably cast-iron over high heat until just smoking. (You could also use an electric griddle.)
  • Lightly dampen the paper towels and grip them with tongs (or pick up the speared onion half). Add about ½ teaspoon oil to the pan and rub it in fully (there should be no visible streaks of oil).
  • Add about ¼ cup Dosa Batter to the pan and quickly but methodically spread it in a circular motion from the center out to make a crepe.
  • When small holes form on the surface of the dosa, squeeze on a generous amount of oil from the squeeze bottle over the surface, really getting it into those holes to crisp the dosa.
  • Flatten any thick spots of batter before they set using your metal flipper.
  • If the dosa is browning too quickly, lower the heat.
  • When the bottom turns golden brown and the top is set, about 2 minutes, gently pry it from the pan and roll it up. Thin dosas usually need to cook on only one side, but if the top seems pale, you can flip the dosa and leave it to brown on the second side for a minute or so.
  • Repeat to make as many dosas as you like, adjusting the heat as needed to turn out dosas that are perfectly crisp but not overly browned.

Watch the Dosa Crepe Video here before you begin.