Celtic Brain Food

March 11, 2024
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a piece of salmon with a shamrock and fresh peppers
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St. Patrick’s Day will be here before you know it, and we are celebrating at the BFC in true Irish style.

Of course, all your traditional favorites are available for your delight, but we want to draw your focus this year to our outstanding Seafood department. We will celebrate the holiday with a big tasty salmon fillet alongside a huge mound of Colcannon from our Deli cases (extra creamy buttery mashed potatoes with sautéed kale).

Why Salmon for St. Patty’s, you ask?

Ah, well, that would be the Salmon of Knowledge!

In Celtic mythology, this remarkable fish was believed to hold ancient wisdom and secrets. Legend has it that whoever consumed its flesh gained profound knowledge and insight.

They certainly had the right idea.

We’re not promising all the knowledge in the world by eating our salmon, but salmon has indeed been linked to brain health. Add the fact that it just tastes great, and you’ll be asking for seconds.

Get your brain food with our Faroe Island or Kvaroy Arctic Ocean farm-raised fresh salmon and always available fresh in the Seafood Case!


Susie in Seafood

“May the Salmon of Knowledge swim through the rivers of your imagination, inspiring you to great things.”