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Brattleboro Food Co-op offers this convenient service Monday through Friday.

It’s easy, safe, and convenient. Just place your order 24/7 and select a pick-up spot (plenty of spots are available daily).

If you need assistance placing your online order, please call the Curbside Service desk at 802-246-2800, Monday through Friday. Or, feel free to send an email to

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If this is your first time ordering and picking up, please take time to review our Curbside Service before placing your order.

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About Our Curbside Service:

  • When can you shop online?
    You may shop securely online any time (24/7) for your favorite products at the Brattleboro Food Co-op. Our shopping cart is powered by Mercato.

    • When you place your order online, you will come to the Co-op and park in a designated Curbside Pickup parking space where a Curbside Service employee will bring your groceries and sundries right to your vehicle. You do not have to enter the store. Please understand that our Curbside Service is just that; we do not offer a delivery service at this time.
    • While you are able to shop any time, Curbside pick up is only available Monday through Friday with only a few exceptions:
      • Orders placed on Fridays, or over the weekend, are available for pickup on Mondays.
      • Curbside Service is NOT available Saturdays, Sundays, or when the store is closed due to observance of a holiday.
  • What device can you use to shop online?
    You may use ANY web-enabled device to place your order online: 

    • PC/Mac/Laptop computer by opening a browser and entering this URL ( or Click here to start shopping now.
    • Smartphone or Tablet
      • If you are using a handheld device, you will want to download the Mercato App (Mercato is the branded shopping cart we use) to your smartphone or tablet. The app can be found in Apple Appstore or Google Play.
  • NO Worry Pickups!
    • We will keep your food cool and safe until you arrive! We have secure dry goods, refrigerated, and frozen units with your order ready to deliver to your car conveniently stationed in the Co-op’s vestibule.
    • When you arrive and park in one of our designated “Curbside” customer parking spaces, please use your mobile phone to call 802-257-0236 and let us know you are here for your order. We will deliver directly to your car.
      • You must be 21+ years of age to purchase alcoholic beverages and must present a valid ID according to Vermont law. Please have your ID ready when your beverages are delivered to your vehicle.
  • Yes, you may order Beer & Wine online and pick it up curbside!
    • The Co-op offers a terrific selection of wine for every taste, and offers a vast array of local and microbrewery beers, and even hard ciders. And yes, you are welcome to order these alcoholic beverages via our Curbside Service. You must be 21+ years of age to do so, and you will be asked to present a valid ID when you pick up your purchase in compliance with Vermont state law.
  • Please note these important prompts while shopping online!
    • We do not currently offer a delivery service. When/if the Mercato App prompts you for an address while you are completing your “check-out”, be sure to choose the option, “I’ll pick it up.”
      If you do enter your address, the program will alert you that delivery is not available and will prompt you to continue, where you can then choose a time slot for picking up your order.

      • Pick-up is available between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. for the next day (Monday through Friday). The “next day” available when ordering on Friday will be Monday (exceptions apply to holiday Mondays when the Co-op is closed, and Tuesday will become the next available slot in those instances – Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, etc.)
      • If all of the “next day” slots are filled, Mercato will offer you the next available option.
  • Cost, Fees, and Discounts:
    • We only accept Credit or Debit Cards for payment (no EBT).
    • We do not deliver. All purchases are for Curbside Pickup only.
    • Please note we are not able to offer Shareholder discounts while shopping online.
    • The Co-op does not charge for the service of Curbside pickup.

      While the Co-op does not have a service charge, please be aware that Mercato does charge a processing fee on all of your orders ( 3% of your order total + 27¢ for each completed order).

    • There is no charge for setting up your Mercato Shopping Account — it’s free.
    • Your payments are securely processed securely directly through Mercato.
    • If you see a “pending authorization” on your payment card at the time of purchase, there is nothing to worry about. It is simply “in process,” and you can expect the amount to drop off your credit/debit card within three (3) business days.

    • When ordering random-weight items online (EG: Bulk department items, or produce, which are “by the pound”),  Mercato is not able to define the actual cost at the time you complete your online purchase. The Co-op does not actually complete and process your payment until your order has been physically shopped, and those random weight items are weighed and calculated.
      • Note of explanation about this: Your online purchase is pre-processed with a total that reflects your purchases. However, when you order items, which are priced “per pound”, Mercato will ask you to enter your “best guess” of weight in order to add the item total to your shopping basket. Not to worry. You can leave us a note (go to your shopping “Basket” and choose “Preferences”) and be specific as to what you really want.
        • An example of this might be telling the cart you want (remember, you’re doing a best guess) a pound of broccoli. But what you really want are two small crowns of broccoli (which could be “guessed” to be about a pound or so). After asking for that (broccoli) as a pound, you would then enter a note (in Preferences) so we can adjust the “pounds” to the “actual weight,” ensuring you will receive what you actually want. When the Curbside staff completes your shopping list in-store, we will then adjust those “per-pound” items and re-calculate the real total of your order for “final” check-out, and (at this point) process your payment.
        • Please use that “Preferences” option to give us other details, notes, or references on specific items (such as only organic, or only local… whatever you need to tell us) to ensure your best shopping experience.
  • What if the Co-op is out of stock on a branded or specific item?
    • Are you willing to take a substitution when a product is not available? This is important to know while doing your shopping at the Co-op. Some examples include:
      • Be sure to let us know if conventional substitutions are okay in place of organic.
      • Be sure to let us know if there is a second-choice flavor, brand, or variety of the product that would be acceptable.
      • Be sure to let us know if a specific brand, price, or size, is important to you when requesting substitutions.
  • Exclusions to our Curbside Service:
    • We cannot apply/accommodate online (at least not currently):
      • Shareholder discounts
      • Store credits
      • Gift cards
      • Coupons
      • Bottle returns

Have any other questions, comments, or suggestions?

Please let us know by emailing us at or contacting our Curbside Coordinator at

Thank you for trusting your community-owned Co-op with your Curbside shopping needs!

If you are not already a shareholder of the Brattleboro Food Co-op, this is a great time to consider ownership in this vital community business. You might even qualify for a discount on your Co-op shopping!

The Curbside Service program was developed during the Covid-19 pandemic and has been welcomed by the community. Many customers have come to rely on this efficient and safe service. We appreciate your flexibility, patience, and comments, and look forward to offering more with this service soon.