Price Changes on Deli Sandwiches

  | BFC Newsflash, Deli Menu

Over the past months we have been working to update the price of our sandwiches. After lots of number crunching and deliberation many of our sandwiches have increased in price. Price increases are never ideal but a reality of a Deli that sources foods with constant price fluctuations. Pricing from the Deli’s food producers and farmers are on the rise due to the cost of growing, cooking, baking, creating, and delivering food.

Today we increased the price on sandwiches. These prices range from no increase up to a $1.50. Most items only increased by 50 cents or so. We also removed some items that were not selling well. Additionally, we are working to launch a “Build Your Own” sandwich option, stay tuned for more details.

As for pricing there are a few additional factors that come into play with such price increases.

  • First price increase. Yes, that is correct this is the first time the price of a sandwich has increased since we moved into our new building in 2012 and was inevitable at some point in response to our continued work to increase wages and food costs increasing.
  • Food price inflation. Yes, each year the cost of food fluctuates, and it is currently on the rise.
  • COVID-19. We hate to blame it on the pandemic but lock downs across the world have caused production issues as well as labor shortages with our vendors and food producers over the past year.
  • Climate change. In many places in the U.S. and around the country climate change has contributed to increases in production items such as water and fossil fuels adversely affecting the price of food.

We thank you for your understanding and we hope you find this information helpful. Please feel free to reach out to Scott and Max in the Deli or Jon in Marketing.


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