Co+op Deals Sales and Discover Coupons

Check out the latest Co+op Deals Sales Flyer and Coupons!Check out the latest Co+op Deals

Co+op Deals are a bi-weekly sales circular featuring 100+ products at great savings, plus hundreds more in-store Co+op Deals not listed in the sales flyer. The deals are great and will save you money on your favorite foods, supplements, and body care products. We offer these deals because Brattleboro Food Co-op knows how important it is to offer the best products to you at the best prices available.


Co+op Deals are a rotating set of sales on items throughout the store and are made available through our association with National Co-op Grocers. The sales shift every second Wednesday.

You will find The Co+op Deals Sales Flyers offer a wide selection of organic, fair trade, environmentally friendly, and high-quality items at truly competitive prices – making it possible for you to stock up on family favorites, purchase greener cleaning products or try something new without breaking the bank. Co+op Deals also features discounts on seasonal items year-round; get great deals on snacks and lunchbox staples in the fall, picnic and barbecue supplies in the summer, and obtain all your holiday baking supplies each winter for less.

Now it’s even easier to save! View your co-op’s bimonthly Co+op Deals flyers online, create and share shopping lists for all your must-have items, then store them on your mobile device so you won’t miss a bargain! Stock up and save with Co+op Deals.

Please Note: Sale items are spread out bi-weekly and over a two-week promotional period; twice monthly. Because Co+op Deals is a national promotions program for food co-ops that are members of National Co+op Grocers, not all of the products featured in the flyer will be available at all co-ops. So sorry.