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If you shop the Bulk Department, you know the joys of finding quality pantry items at a great price while doing your part to reduce our carbon footprint by using recyclable and reusable containers, bags, and jars while shopping.

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If you don’t already shop Bulk at the Co-op, this is a department you need to discover. This is where you take control of your purchasing and can save money buying in quantities that suit you. We think “bulk” and assume that we are going to have to buy a 25 pound bag of flour. This is not the case at the Co-op (although, you are welcome to purchase the bulk-size bag, box, or case of anything). Shopping the Bulk Department allows you to purchase in smaller amounts, for a lower price, because we have made the “bulk” size purchase for you. We see bulk shopping as the best shopping hack you can find today.

We have recently redesigned the Bulk Department to use touch less “lift & pour” bins, and “easy pour” herb, spice, and tea containers. No more scoops! We have also moved the nut butter grinders, oil spigots, maple syrup spigots, and honey vats behind the Bulk window as a “we-serve” instead of “you-serve” for safety and cleanliness. Just let us know how much you want, or give us your reusable jars, and we will do the grinding and pouring for you. Sweet!

A courteous and professional Co-op associate is always available to assist you and answer questions you may have about bulk products or bulk shopping; however, you can enjoy a quick primer here along with some great reasons to introduce yourself to the pleasure of Bulk buying… or as one customer calls it, Bin Joy!

There are convenient scale stations throughout the department for you to determine the tare weight of your own containers (empty), and to weigh your purchases. All you need to do is place the tare and PLU# on your bags, containers, or jars so the cashier can ring up the correct item when it is weighed upon checkout.

Learn about whole grains sold in the Bulk Department!

More great videos at the Co+op Kitchen’s Welcome to the Table:

10 Best Reasons to Shop the Bulk Department:

  1. The Co-op buys in bulk. We can save money buying a larger quantity, which then saves you money on whatever quantity you choose to purchase. This helps you stay on budget. Also, you will receive 5¢ off each item that is in your own containers. Think about that – 10 containers would be 50¢, and over the course of a year, 10 reusable containers a month would save you $26 on your bulk purchases… how easy is that?
  2. Buy a little. Buy a lot. Purchase a pinch or a pound. However we say it, you choose how much you want or need. You are engaged in the process start to finish and control the amounts you are purchasing.

    Dried peas and lentils, and so many other options in Bulk!

    Dried peas and lentils, and so many other options in Bulk!

  3. Thank you. You are helping the planet by purchasing items not commercially packaged and reusing your bottles, bags, and containers; zero waste. Love that.
  4. There are so many choices in the Bulk Department:
    • Herbs and Spices
    • Coffee, Tea, and Chai
    • Oils, Nut Butters, Maple Syrup, and Honey
    • Dred Fruits, Seeds, and Nuts
    • Granola: An amazing assortment of granolas to choose from
    • Whole Grains and Flours
    • Rice, Beans, and Lentils
    • Chocolate: Chips, Covered Nuts and Fruit, Chunked (White, Milk, and Dark)
    • Snacks and Trail Mixes
    • Sprouting Seeds
    • Sugars and Baking Needs
    • And lots of other treasures!
  5. Unique finds! Do you know what Dulse is? We have it. Did you know you can buy dried Shitake mushrooms in Bulk, or onion dip and soup mix in bulk? Have you ever tried Crystalized Ginger or Maple Ginger Cashews…MMMM! Explore your options.

    Bulk Spices reduce waste and save you money

    Bulk Spices reduce waste and save you money

  6. We offer Case and Bulk Packaged ordering. If you love that Equal Exchange, Fair Trade, Coffee, then you will love being able to order it in 5-pound bags. Wow, that’s a wakeup call for the whole family.
  7. We have a refillable water station. You can purchase your water jugs here or refill your own.
  8. “Grind your own” nut butters! Amazing creamy almond or peanut butter is available on-demand and ground fresh for you in the bulk department – right in front of you.
  9. We focus on quality and equality in the bulk department. You can find many fair trade, organic, non-GMO, cooperative made, healthy, and local options in as many categories as they are available.
  10. The best part is knowing you are supporting your co-op and community when you shop bulk.

How to Shop in the Bulk Department

  1. Before dispensing anything from the bulk department, we ask that customers don food safe gloves or use hand sanitizer – Big thanks for keeping us all safe.
  2. If you have brought your own containers, take them to the scales and weigh them empty. We provide stickers for you to write the tare weight and then adhere them to your containers. This is important as we don’t want to charge you for the weight of your jar.
  3. If you did not bring your own containers, we have provided several options for you. When you use a plastic bag, we don’t need to know the tare weight, but all of the products available for you to use or purchase to place your bulk items in are in the system, and your cashier will take the tare weight off your purchase at the register. Use a sticker to identify the PLU# of the items you are purchasing, fill them up with the products you want and place them in your shopping cart.
  4. If you are ordering a large quantity of something or have been notified that an order you placed is in, go to the Bulk Window and ask for assistance.
  5. When you purchase coffee, we have compostable bags available for your use. All coffee sold in bulk are whole bean. If you desire a specific grind, you are welcome to use the DIY grinding stations, or feel free to ask a store associate for assistance.
  6. Don’t see what you are looking for? Ask. We are here to help and to make your shopping experience enjoyable. Can’t find something that used to be available? Ask. There could be several reasons, the most common in recent history being unavailability. Another reason may be that we have relocated the item somewhere else in the store.
  7. Can’t find the herb you a looking for? Is it a medicinal herb? Chances are we have what you are looking for, but not in the Bulk Department. There is Bulk Herb section in the Wellness Department which offers a wide range of medicinal and holistic leaves, berries, flowers, roots, and more. Just ask or head over to the Wellness aisles.

A Teaspoon, a Tablespoon, a little, alot, a pinch or a pound, in the Bulk Deparment



Bulk Department-finds include all your canning needs. Preserve your harvest!

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