The Brattleboro Food Co-op welcomes everyone in the community to shop. You do not have to become a shareholder to benefit from the products, classes, and events offered.
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Becoming a Shareholder

Are you committed to buying organic, whole foods, supporting local industry and family farms, and believe in cooperative ownership? Then we encourage you to invest in the community through the Co-op!!

Become a Shareholder Now

Becoming a shareholder has many benefits, including voting power to direct future business decisions.

You’ll be supporting local farms, businesses, families, non-profit organizations, and even the planet through the sustainable practices of the Co-op. You’ll also be invited to connect with others in the community through Co-op events and classes and shareholder volunteer opportunities made available for social and community engagement.

You’ll have the exclusive right to cast a vote for the Board of Directors members, attend the Annual Shareholders Meeting, vote on bylaw changes, and you may also run for the Board of Directors.

Through volunteer involvement, you may earn a shareholder in-store discount, be offered shareholder offers such as shareholder-specific sales and promotions, and even be eligible to receive patronage dividends based on your spending on years that dividends are awarded.

To see a full list of benefits, please visit our Shareholder Benefits page. 

Cooperative Principle Number 1

Voluntary and Open Membership

Cooperatives are voluntary organizations open to all persons able to use their services and willing to accept the responsibilities of membership without gender, social, racial, political, or religious discrimination.

Shareholder Ownership Levels

Working Shareholder

A Shareholder may opt to volunteer two hours per month in the Co-op, join a TeamWork Opportunity event, or with our Commitment 2 Community program and obtain a 5% discount on all purchases at the Co-op.


If you are a shopper who is committed to buying organic and whole foods, committed to supporting local industry and family farms, and believe in cooperative ownership, we encourage you to invest in the longevity of our store. You will reap the benefits of being a Co-op shareholder and use your voting power to direct future business decisions.

Food For All Shareholder

A Food For All Shareholder automatically will receive a 10% discount on all purchases at the Co-op with no volunteer commitment. If an FFA Shareholder chooses to do volunteer hours, those hours can be donated to benefit other shareholders who cannot do so themselves.
* Some discount restrictions may apply to all levels of ownership.
Become a Shareholder


Your lifetime investment of a single share* at $80 promotes the growth and sustainability of the Co-op. Your investment dollars will stay in the community.

The share cost can be paid in full at the time of joining, or it can be broken up into smaller payments over a few years. The $80 cost is a one-time purchase of a single share. Any one person may only purchase a single share.

If the $80 cost creates a financial burden on your household, you may qualify for a BFC Shareholder Assistance Grant.

* Single Share Definition and Benefits: A one-time investment of $80 can be paid over time; Your single share gives you the right to cast a single vote in all elections . For the purpose of logging purchases toward dividend accruals and receiving applicable discounts associated with the share account, your Shareholder ID number may be used by yourself and any dependent children in your household under the age of 18. You may also designate two Authorized Users who are over 18 and live in your household. You must be current on payments in order to vote and to accrue dividends.

Shareholder Assistance Fund FAQ

What is the Shareholder Assistance Fund?

The Brattleboro Food Co-op aims to be a welcoming community marketplace. This fund is in place to support those community members who could not otherwise afford to be a Shareholder.  It covers $60 of the $80 cost of a Brattleboro Co-op Share.

Who does this apply to?

If you want to become a BFC Shareholder but the $80 cost is preventing you from joining, this grant is for you. Anyone that would like to apply can do so.

What is the process?

  1. Fill out the fund application (printable application).
  2. Shareholder Services and the Marketing and Community Relations Manager will review the application and respond within 48 hours
  3. If approved, enroll as a Shareholder and make a small payment. The total, one-time $20 cost may be made in smaller installments over a year.
  4. The Co-op pays $60 to complete the full $80 cost of a BFC share.

What happens once I get the fund?

Once approved for the fund, you will then join the Co-op, which will cost $20. This may be paid in small increments. As a Shareholder you’ll be eligible for our discount programs, governance rights, and other benefits! You may be eligible for our Food For All program, which means you’ll receive a 10% discount on all your purchases (excluding alcohol).

Click here to download a printable PDF application.

How is the Shareholder Assistance Fund Program funded?

Shareholders sew bags in exchange for Shareholder Hours that are then sold in store for $3 each.

Shareholders who withdraw their Share can donate all or part of their $80 equity to this fund.

What happens if I no longer need access to this fund?

This is a rolling fund of money so please contact Shareholder Services if for some reason you no longer need support. Upon hearing from you we will reallocate the money back to the fund. This will allow us to offer your portion to someone else that may be in need. This assists us in always having funds accessible to the community.

Working Shareholders

Any BFC shareholder can get a discount in exchange for volunteering in the store or in the community with one of our Community Partners. Two hours of work each month equals a 5% discount on your purchases.* As of October 1, 2023, shareholders enrolled in our Food For All (FFA) program can combine the Working and FFA discounts for a total of 15% off.*

All the jobs are simple and require no advance training. Whether you just purchased your share today or have been a BFC owner for 40 years, we encourage you to schedule a shift in the store or at one of our partner organizations—just click on one of the links in the Book Work Hours section. Once you’ve completed your hours, fill out the Report Hours form below and receive your 5% working discount at the register by using your shareholder number. Please allow at least 72 hours for your hours to be recorded and for your discount to be activated on your account. You can also choose to donate your hours to a general pool that helps those in need, or to someone specific.

For more details, get in touch with Shareholder Services at or 802-246-2821.

*Please note that some discount restrictions apply.

Book Work Hours

Already a shareholder and want to book In-Store or Commitment to Community (C2C) hours? 

Become a Shareholder or Report Hours

Use this form to submit your information to become a shareholder of the Brattelboro Food Co-op or to report hours worked as a Working Shareholder
Become a Shareholder
Report Volunteer Hours
Shareholder Enrollment Form

Personal Information


Shareholder Options

Please choose one of the following Shareholder options:

I agree that all of the information I have provided is accurate and that I am agreeing to become one of 9,000+ community members that own the Brattleboro Food Co-op and will share all the benefits that come with ownership.

I understand that I am purchasing a single share and that my Shareholder Card is valid only for my own use as well as any dependent child under 18 years of age, as well as two adults living within my household and listed in this application.

I understand that I am making a one-time investment of $80 for my share (payable in increments of $20 over-time, or $5 increments for Food For All), which will help promote the growth and sustainability of the Brattleboro Food Co-op, and that my investment dollars will stay within the community.

Please sign your name here. Penmanship is not important.


Food for All Shareholder

Enter your payment amount: Pay the full amount of $80 now, or pay a minimum $5 (or more) toward an installment plan (semi-annual payments).

Shareholder Hours Reporting

Volunteer Feedback

The below questions are optional, but we would love your feedback!

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