Shareholder Spotlight

Every one of our shareholders has a story, and we are spotlighting one of them each month to share with you!

We want to share with you some of our history behind Co-op and the faces you often see here. We also see this as a unique opportunity to show the world how being a shareholder of the Co-op can create opportunities for special connections with the community and each other.

Take a moment to learn more about these amazing people, and say hello to them the next time you see them at the Co-op.

Our shareholders are talented, innovative, and supportive, to say the least, and we are very thankful they have taken the time to share their experiences. To become a shareholder of this fabulous community-owned store, click here.

Click an image to view some of our shareholder stories!

Shareholder Spotlight: Marilyn Chiarello

Shareholder Spotlight: Marilyn Chiarello with Tom Green standing in the Edible Brattleboro Garden at the Co-op

Shareholder Spotlight: Kirby Vietch

Shareholder Spotlight: Kirby Vietch in the Bulk Department of the Co-op

Shareholder Spotlight: Nancy Alexander

Shareholder Spotlight: Nancy Alexander in the Community Garden along the Whetstone pathway

Shareholder Spotlight: Andrew Courtney & Family

Shareholder Spotlight: Andrew Courtney with his family, Renee, Juniper, and Griffin

Kathryn Mason and Jimmy Karlan with son Galen (he's also the toddler in the photo!)

Kathryn Mason and Jimmy Karlan with son Galen (he’s also the toddler in the photo!)











If you have questions or want to learn more about our shareholder programs, please get in touch with our Shareholder Services Coordinator at, or call 802-246-2821.

There are three ways to become more involved as a BFC Shareholder:

  1. Commitment to Community
  2. TeamWork Opportunities
  3. In-Store Shareholder Work