What’s New at the Co-op? Franklin Farms Veggie Balls

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Franklin Farms

Introducing these new vegan meatball alternatives by Franklin Farms Veggie Balls which are baked, plant-based, and non-GMO.

Franklin Farms began in 1981 on a mushroom farm in Franklin, Connecticut. Franklin Farms has been bringing exciting yet good-for-you meatless meals from field to table.  and now have crafted a range of health-conscious plant-based products that span day parts, meal types, and taste profiles.

They start with flavorful high-quality, plant protein, then mix them, splice them, mingle them, and dice them without any genetic engineering.

Franklin Farms makes cooking with and eating plant-based proteins easy and delicious.

Black Bean & Plantain Balls Franklin Farms Baked Falafel Balls
Cuban Style Black Bean & Plantain Balls Falafel Balls
Add some variety to meatball night with our authentic Black Bean & Plantain Balls, a Cuban-style delicacy with black beans, fried plantain, pineapple, brown rice, chipotle & a Cuban spice blend. Add some variety to meatball night with our Falafel Balls, a Mediterranean delicacy with chickpeas, zucchini, onions, and a chili spice blend.