Gift Card Update

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As you know, we have successfully updated our card processing to chip readers at every register. This upgrade allows for more security when making your purchases and allows us to process WIC payments at every register. We now have our own BFC gift card. Please know that because of this processing upgrade our gift cards are no longer accepted at other food co-ops, nor can we accept gift cards purchased at other co-ops. 

Furthermore, for many years we have touted how utilizing gift cards at checkout was a cost savings to the Co-op. This is no longer true; gift cards now come with a processing fee each time they are swiped. Don’t fret, though— our switch to a new processor will save us money overall each year. When possible, we suggest using cash or credit/debit. 

We appreciate your flexibility and your patience, and please feel free to email, call or stop us in the aisles if you have any questions or concerns. A big thanks to all on the Co-op team who assisted in this card processor upgrade. From our IT department to our Front End, it was a large undertaking, and we are very lucky to have such a fantastic team.