BOD Report: Pennywise Shopping

End 1: The BFC exists to meet its Shareholders’ collective needs for reasonably priced food and products with an emphasis on healthy, locally grown organic and fairly traded foods.

One of the most common shopper concerns board directors hear when we table is the cost of items at our Co-op. Some people, however, have discovered ways to shop at the Co-op without experiencing sticker shock. Whenever I talk with someone who has budget concerns, I recommend they get information about the Co-op’s growing Food For All program. If our conversation lasts a little longer, I share some shopping tips with them. I also talk with those whom I see frequently about buying strategies, recipes, better options, or I make recommendations about what to buy.

Incredible Bulk! Free Sampling


Try some great food in the Co-op Bulk Department!  Enjoy a sampling of delicious beans, rice and grains along with recipes, samples, and information, plus some thrifty bulk-buying tips and tricks.  Thursday, June 28, 4-6pm.

Bulk Department Tour with Jon


Take a tour with Jon M.R. to learn about how to save money, find what you need, and use your own containers. Plus get free samples! Meet at the Shareholder Services desk, Thursday, May 10