Using Topical Herbs in Treatment of Sports Injuries


This class is an introduction to how topical herbs can be used in the treatment of common sports injuries such as muscle, tendon and ligament sprains, and bruises and contusions. Learn how herbal poultices and liniments can be incorporated into a treatment strategy.

Herbs for Spring Renewal


Learn about herbs which can aid in whole body renewal for spring — nourishing spring herbs with which to craft your own tonics, syrups and bath products. Every student will take home a spring syrup, custom bath soak, plus an introductory understanding of how to create herbal remedies at home.

It’s All About the Food: Elderberries

| Food For Thought, Nutrition

It’s January: HAPPY NEW YEAR! Winter may be here—depending on what Mother Nature has in store for us, with climate change and other factors affecting the weather patterns these days—and we can expect it to be cold, for sure, but the good news is that the days will start getting a little longer! However, the fact remains that many of us will still be inside many hours each day, and there will be germs all around us. There is no better time to boost your immune system, and elderberries are one special berry that will help to do just that.

Wild Branch Foods

Chris Chaisson has had a passion for farming and food since an early age. It all started at the age of 3 when he lived in Western MA and helped his family raise bees and grow vegetables, which they sold at a tiny farm stand. His first job was with his father’s catering company at age 12, and he worked as a cook all through high school. During his formative years his grandmother helped to start Smartfood popcorn, which instilled an interest in the farm-to-manufacturing process. After high school he apprenticed with herbalists

Making and Using Local Herbal Medicines


The body’s defense system is only as dependable as the support it gets. When you take care of yourself your family benefits and is healthier. Local plant medicine, like local food, is an excellent way to support overall health for you and your family. Learn how you can use plant medicines to prevent illness, restore wellness, and even nourish your mind and body in this informative presentation. Historically, people throughout the world have used plants and nature’s allies to prevent illness and effectively help the healing process. Join Cindy Hebbard in an outdoor classroom (weather permitting) for practical talk about identifying and using powerful local herbal remedies.