It’s All About the Food: Winter Squash…

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Winter is fast approaching, as the days grow shorter and the temperature is dropping. With that said, we think about foods that are hardy and supply us with good nourishment. Winter squash are a group of calorie-dense foods that do just that and are in plentiful supply at this time of year. They are an amazing gift from Mother Nature, packed with an incredible variety of nutrients! I like to admire the decorative array of winter squash at the Co-op, in all shapes, sizes, and colors. I have yet to try all the varieties out there but those I have eaten each have their own unique taste and texture. Winter squash are so named because they can be stored during the winter, often for several months at a time due to their hard skin. They all originate from the same vegetable family, the cucurbits. They originated thousands of years ago in Central and South America before moving up north, and by the mid 1800s, they were a staple product in the Northeast.

What’s Cookin’

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In recent conversations, I have referred multiple times to an article that I read last fall, and its conclusions never fail to surprise the listeners. In a Harvard Business Review article,1 Eddie Yoon observed some consumer trends over a fifteen-year period, which have direct impact on how the grocery industry interacts with its customers—or rather, how the customers interact with the industry.

Eat More Kale! Vegan Cooking Class

Eat More Kale Vegan Cooking Class

Kale has gained so much popularity in recent years. Marilyn Chiarello was very fortunate to be introduced to kale in early childhood and will be sharing her long experience and relationship with this power-packed green in a hands-on class. Students will make several dishes using kale, including a creamy kale salad, “cheezy” kale chips, and some other recipes using kale.