The Star Wars of the Grocery World

This past Wednesday, April 24th, we had a spectacular sale: everything in the entire Bulk department was discounted by 25%.  One of our morning cashiers told Emily it was like the opening day of Star Wars; Sue compared to Black Friday.  People were practically camped out overnight, waiting for our doors to crack open at 7am.

Free Tasting: Incredible Bulk! Madagascar Pink Rice


Try Madagascar Pink Rice Salad with Laurie K at the Brattleboro Co-op Demo Counter, Friday, July 6, 4-6pm, then buy some of this exotic, beautiful, and budget-friendly grain from the Bulk department.  On sale this month!

Incredible Bulk! Free Sampling


Try some great food in the Co-op Bulk Department!  Enjoy a sampling of delicious beans, rice and grains along with recipes, samples, and information, plus some thrifty bulk-buying tips and tricks.  Thursday, June 28, 4-6pm.

Bulk Department Tour with Jon


Take a tour with Jon M.R. to learn about how to save money, find what you need, and use your own containers. Plus get free samples! Meet at the Shareholder Services desk, Thursday, May 10

Bulk Department Update

| Bulk, Food For Thought

Thanks for all of the feedback on our Bulk Department redesign. We appreciate the honesty, ideas and support. We felt it appropriate to share a few of the questions/comments/feedback from our Shoppers/Shareholders and some more information on our plans moving forward. Please know that all feedback forms are responded to, and placed in the Café.