Lactation Cookies


Come join us to learn how to bake lactation cookies in celebration of World Breastfeeding Week! We will discuss foods that help boost milk supply, an adequate diet for breastfeeding mothers, and prepping for on-the-go meals that are compatible with a newly breastfeeding mom’s busy schedule.

Gluten Free Baking with Almond Flour: 3 Easy Recipes


Almond flour is a popular ingredient in many healthy gluten free recipes. Whether you have celiac, a sensitivity to gluten, or are simply drawn to a gluten free diet, these three recipes will work for you– deliciously. We’ll make fluffy pancakes, chocolate chip cookies, and tart lemon cakes.  In the Co-op’s Cooking Classroom, at the 7 Canal St entrance.

Fun Foods from Around the World: Germany


When your children enter our cooking classroom, they will be transported to Germany where we will assemble traditional German Gingerbread Houses featuring spiced cookies, sweet icing, sugar, and assorted decorations. Kids can design their own to take home and enjoy.
Instructor: Lizi Rosenberg (BFC)

Kids Teach Kids to Cook: Making Pie with Branden and Co.


Join us for a new class series for kids where we will offer a different child each month the opportunity to teach their friends and peers how to make a favorite recipe. December spotlights Branden Howe (Academy 4th grader who came up with the idea of the class), who will teach how to make Apple Pie with Northern Spy and Snow Sweet Apples. Branden’s recipe calls for a side of homemade vanilla ice cream.

Baking With Einkorn: Ancient Grain from the Dawn of Agriculture

Baking with Einkorn

Einkorn is a rare ancient grain now being rediscovered – many people who suffer with gluten allergies can safely consume it, and it has a delicious rich flavor and high nutrition value. Find out why Einkorn is twice as nutritious as modern wheat and easier to digest.  Learn to bake basic artisan einkorn breads and cookies and try three recipes in class: Einkorn Sourdough Sprout Bread, No-Knead Einkorn Bread baked in a Dutch oven, and Einkorn Chocolate Babka.
Instructor: Eli Kaufman (Author of “Restoring Heritage Grains”)
Cost: $7/$5 Shareholders