August Staff Recognition

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Each month, Co-op employees nominate colleagues they want to honor, and a committee comes together to vote on a winner. This month we had so many nominations we selected two staff members for the award!

Brendon Rule – Dairy Department 

According to those who nominated him, Brendon has been “extremely helpful in taking a look at some sales reports and taking initiative at cleaning up some data issues in the dairy department.  He is genuinely interested in improving his department and increasing sales at the Co-op.”

Jeremiah (Miah) Boucher – Grocery Department/Receiving

Recently the Deli could not find coverage at the Deli pizza station. Miah, who has previous experience working in that department, was asked to come back to work after his regular shift to train a new hire, and he graciously obliged. Because of his help we were able to keep the pizza station open for our customers and pass along his knowledge and experience onto the next generation of Co-op employees!


Thanks to both of these Co-op staff members for doing an outstanding job.