Shareholder Spotlight: Kirby Vietch

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Meet shareholder Kirby Vietch

Member since: Grew up with BFC, obtained his own share in 2016

Reason for Joining: “Because that’s what Lefties do…And it’s a good way to connect to people. I want a community where people are able to help each other.”

Favorite Department: International Foods – “I love spicy.

About the Shareholder: Kirby Veitch is a rare find – first, a child of the Co-op who grew up “bouncing in and out of the store,” then a shareholder who joined shortly after getting his first apartment, and now a staff member slinging groats in Bulk.

Kirby remembers playing in the original playroom – “I’ve been around the co-op for as long as I can remember. Becoming a shareholder was inevitable. It was never not gonna’ happen.”

Kirby is a freelance illustrator and comic book designer outside the BFC, another thing he grew up with. “I inherited it. My dad’s a reasonably famous comic book artist, and I just kinda fell into doing it and ended up attending art school.”

He earned his BFA in illustration from UNH and has done contract work ever since. “Right now, I’m trying to get away from freelance work as a move toward building my own content and communities.”

A fan of open-source access to the arts, Kirby dreams of “creating a sort of artist’s co-op” (a brilliant idea, IMO). When he’s not making content or downing copious amounts of coffee, Kirby is a skilled gamemaster and RPG campaign designer. Next time you’re in the store, he welcomes you to stop by and say hello.

Shareholder Spotlight is created and written by our Shareholder Services Coordinator, Pamela Corkey. If you have questions about becoming a shareholder or how you might like to volunteer in our community as a shareholder, contact Shareholder Services Coordinator Pamela Corkey at or call 802-246-2821.