Shareholder Volunteer Hours Announcement

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Introducing TeamWork Opportunities

We are so excited to announce a new opportunity for Shareholders to perform volunteer hours!

We came to realize after the Whetstone River Cleanup in September that the group felt more connected — with the Co-op, the community, and most importantly, with each other. We discovered the delight of working with other shareholders while earning volunteer work hours.

Going forward, we have added an addition to our in-store and “Commitment To Community” programs; the Brattleboro Food Co-op is launching TeamWork Opportunities.

These monthly events will offer working shareholders a chance to come together to complete short-term cooperative projects and encourage new friendships and a real connection to the community while earning their volunteer shareholder hours.

TeamWork Opportunities will take place both on-site (at the Co-op) and out in the local community.

Inaugural projects include a Snowflake Crafting on December 11th (click the link for details and to sign up!). This is an “on-site” store beautification project.

In early 2023, we will come together to build personal care kits for Survivors of Domestic Violence.

Keep a lookout for announcements as we find new opportunities. Feel free to reach out to Shareholder Services with your own ideas and/or questions about this new program by calling 802-246-2821 or emailing