Shareholder Spotlight: Marilyn Chiarello

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Member since: 2004 
Reason for Joining: To support an organization that’s doing good work and committed to a higher quality of food.
Favorite Department: Bulk!

Marilyn Chiarello first joined the co-op as a regular visitor to the area during breaks from her 25-year career as an elementary school teacher in Long Island. Upon retiring in 2013, she moved to Brattleboro permanently and quickly got involved in working alongside her new neighbors. Inspired by a Ted talk on “foodscaping”, Marilyn founded Edible Brattleboro, a nonprofit organization that plants and tends several “help yourself” gardens throughout our town. Her first garden, still thriving today, was established right here in the parking lot of the co-op. In addition to the gardens, the organization runs a free farm stand and strives to empower others to grow their own food. “This year we gave away 77 fruit trees and berry bushes to individuals around the community,” she reports. If you notice cherry and pear trees at all our elementary schools, that’s her doing, too. “It’s nice,” she reflects, “Like a little treasure. You walk by and you’re like ‘I see a bit of red…’, and you just pop it in your mouth. I think people are appreciative of what we’re doing.”
Well, we definitely appreciate it. Thanks, Marilyn! To learn more or get involved, go to Edible Brattleboro

Hot tip: Earn shareholder worker hours by volunteering with Marilyn’s team (they’re one of our Commitmentment to Community partners).