Make Masks for Shareholder Hours

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We’re offering work credit to Shareholders in exchange for making masks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Here are two patterns two of our employees have been using – if you have a different pattern you’d like to use, go right ahead!

Leslie’s mask pattern is more of a bespoke pattern (it works best if you can measure to fit the person you’re making it for), and takes a bit longer to make. But people rave about how comfortable they are! She made this pattern herself and we created this double-sided pdf you can print: Leslie’s Mask Pattern

Gretchen likes to use this pattern found here at Craft Passion. It’s quicker to make and a bit more flexible to fit different sizes. Just scroll down the page when you click on the link and you’ll find a free pattern download.

Some masks have a clear panel for deaf and hard of hearing folks to be able to read lips through. This would be wonderful for some of our employees to have. This particular pattern was found at via Leslie Wheeler, but feel free to search out a different one (thanks Rachel for the idea!). 3D Mask with See-Through Window Instructions

Bring your completed masks to Shareholder Services and we’ll credit you hours for labor and materials. It takes different amounts of time for these patterns, so we don’t have an exact formula, but we’ll credit 1 hour for materials for 3-5 masks or so and more time depending on how long your masks take to make.


Happy sewing!

-Shareholder Services