Board of Directors Meeting Agenda: February 2022

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Monday, February 14, 2022 / 5-7:40 pm

MEETING LOCATION: Due to COVID-19, this board meeting will be held online only.

Shareholders are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Please contact Board Administrator (phone below) or for a link to join.

Board Administrator: 802-246-2820 or 802-257-0236, ext. 820

Next Board Meeting: March 7, 2021

Allotted Time
(in minutes) 
Topic Board Action/ Outcome Leader
5:00 (15) Soft start – How’s it going?  Chat All
5:15 (10) Official Start of Board meeting
Welcome Visitors AND Communication Norms Share All
5:25 (10) Introduction of Core Team
Each core team member to take a few minutes to share Listen Whitney
5:35 (10) Shareholder Input

Any shareholder guests to share what’s on their minds

Listen Facilitator
5:45 (5) Approve Board meeting minutes from January 3, 2022 Motion to accept; vote Facilitator
5:50 (20) GM Monitoring Reports – B.2 Financial Condition & Activities Motion to accept; vote Facilitator
6:10 (15) Board Monitoring Reports –

– C.3 GM Job Contribution and C.4 Monitoring

-Management Performance

Motion to accept; vote Facilitator
6:25 (15) GM Updates – FYI Listen/Understand GM, All
6:40 (20) – Retreat Debrief
– Break out groups
Participate President
7:00 (15) Board Committees Participate
o  Search Committee Jerelyn
o  Community/Shareholder Engagement Jerelyn/Denise
o   Board Member Recruitment Judy
FYI & Reminders NFCA Member Update Read In Packet
7:15 (5) Meeting Outcomes

What would you tell a shareholder about this meeting?

Share All
7:20 (10) Executive Session (See Bylaw Article 6, Policy QIV2)
Discuss open position on Board/GM Search Listen/Contribute Facilitator
7:30 (10) Closing

For you – what went well or not so well?  What is one thing you’re taking away from our meeting?

Share All