GM Search Update: September 2021

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It’s hard to believe it’s been two and a half months since Sabine announced her intention to step down as of December 31st

The General Manager Search Committee (comprised of Board members Jerelyn Wilson, Judy Fink, Beth Neher, and Denise Glover, with assistance from the Board Administrator, Sarah Brennan) has been meeting weekly to lay the groundwork for The Carlisle Group, the recruiting firm we’ve retained. Since we last updated you we’ve created a profile – essentially, a list of desired qualifications, whether skills, experience, competencies, or personal attributes – for what we are looking for in a new General Manager. The recruiting firm will use this profile to recruit and screen candidates – the profile will form the basis for what we’ll be asking candidates during the interview process.

We also hosted Brett Myers, our contact at The Carlisle Group, for a visit to Brattleboro so that he could see for himself our beloved Co-op and its environs. Brett got a good sense of the challenges and opportunities the Co-op faces as an important downtown anchor business with $23M+ in revenue, employing over 140 people. 

The Search Committee has reached out to Co-op staff – both managers, and non-managers – for input into the profile, and has fine-tuned it based on their invaluable feedback. Over the coming weeks, the Committee will be developing the mechanisms by which to further involve staff in the hiring process as it unfolds.

As this article “goes to press”, the Board will be asked to approve the profile at their September 13th meeting.
UPDATE: The Board approved the following at its meeting on September 13th.

Without further ado, here is what we’re aiming for:


5+ years of experience in retail grocery management.
3+ years of experience working with a Board of Directors preferred
Experience managing financial statements and projections
Experience managing a top-level management team and staff.
Previous experience creating and developing effective procedural standards.
At minimum a High School diploma, GED or equivalent certificate.
No criminal history: Does not have criminal history that represents risk to the co-op

QUALIFICATIONS (Competencies, Skills, Experience, Attributes)

Building and leading teams: Effectively facilitates the formation of teams by creating a climate of trust and encouraging information sharing.
Courage: Willing to make unpopular decisions when needed, and to have difficult discussions with stakeholders.
Financial management: Knows meaning of financial variables, how to find them, and how to place them in business context
Business planning: Takes vision and strategies and turns them into operational plan(s), aligns plans to Ends
Inter-cultural competency: Champions diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout and on behalf of the organization
Accountability: Is willing and able to hold people accountable for co-op, department, and self success. Willing to be held accountable
Open mind: Demonstrates curiosity about processes and people, listens to new ideas and alternatives
Respectful: Demonstrates respect for others, even when a conflicting opinion is held
Appreciative: Willing to share credit and inspire others by providing appropriate recognition
Experience managing people: experience managing managers
Managing people:  Makes good hiring decisions. Evaluates, inspires, recognizes, delegates work and provides feedback. Provides timely coaching and guidance
Discretion: Accurately assesses when to share information and when to keep information private, doesn’t gossip
Strategic thinking: Thinks conceptually, imaginatively and systematically about success
Adaptability: Resilient and keeps moving forward in the face of challenges or new information.
Developing self: Proficient at identifying and closing own knowledge and skill gaps
Experience representing a company as part of a coalition to address social problems in the community
Self-motivated: Does not require constant oversight, proactively identifies opportunities and challenges

Do you know of someone who fits the bill?

If so, let them know they can apply here.

Do you have questions or concerns about this process? Drop us a line at The Search Committee will continue to keep everyone informed as we have news to report.

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