GM Search Update: August 2021

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Our General Manager, Sabine Rhyne, has announced her departure from the Co-op effective December 31,  2021.

Your Board of Directors has been gearing up to find her replacement.

The Board is responsible for hiring and supervising the General Manager, and they began the process a few weeks ago by forming a search committee, approving the committee’s purpose statement, and approving a budget for the search.

Board of Directors 2021

On the Search Committee are the following Board Members:

  • Jerelyn Wilson
  • Beth Neher
  • Judy Fink
  • Denise Glover

Board Administrator Sarah Brennan will be assisting them in an administrative capacity.

The purpose of the GM Search Committee is to:

  • Retain and oversee those consultants who are going to support the Board in hiring a new GM
  • Develop and implement a process for soliciting feedback from individual board members, shareholders, and employees, for identifying the desired qualities/profile of the new GM
  • Oversee the recruitment of a diverse and representative group of candidates for initial screening
  • Draft negotiation terms for a GM contract to recommend to the Board
  • Present top candidates to the Board for the full Board to interview
  • Communicate regularly and clearly to the Board
  • Provide status updates to Shareholders and Employees

Two consultants will help the Board in this process.

  1. The Carlisle Group, an executive search firm with deep experience in our industry, will recruit and screen candidates on our behalf. They’ll also screen candidates who approach the Board directly.
  2. Carolee Colter, who has helped over 80 co-ops find general managers over the years, will support the Search Committee in a hiring process that is transparent, timely, efficient, and participatory.

As noted in the purpose statement above, the Search Committee is charged with creating channels for providing input, so you can be sure that there will be opportunities for you to share your perspectives during this process! The Board is currently identifying the key characteristics our next GM should have, which will guide the efforts of The Carlisle Group. You can provide input any time by dropping an email to

While some aspects of this process will be confidential – such as the identities of candidates during the initial phases, or the terms of the job offer to the finalist – we would like to share with you that the pay range we’ll be advertising is $110 – 125K.

Developments in the search process will be announced in the store and online.

For all information regarding the GM Search, click here.