Board of Directors Meeting Agenda: August 2021

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Monday, August 2, 2021
5-7:30 pm
Due to COVID-19, this board meeting will be held online only. Shareholders are welcome to participate. Please contact Board Administrator (phone below) or for link to join.
Board Administrator: 802-246-2820 or 802-257-0236, ext. 820
Next Board Meeting: SEPTEMBER 13th (NOTE: this is the 2nd Monday due to Labor Day)

Board of Directors Meeting Agenda for August 2021

Allotted Time Topic Board Action/ Outcome Leader
5:00 Soft start – How’s it going?  Chat All
(15 min.)
5:15 Official Start of Board meeting
(10 min.) Welcome Visitors/Review communication norms Listen Facilitator
Agenda Review Comment Facilitator
Approve July meeting minutes (7/5/21) Motion to accept; vote Facilitator
5:25 Shareholder Input Listen/Comment Facilitator
(10 min.) Shareholder guests
5:35 Board Alignment on Governance Structure Listen/Participate Facilitator
(10 min.) Accountability of GM and the Board: Policy D
5:45 GM Monitoring Report – B.2 Financial Condition & Activities; B.4 Asset Protection  Motion to accept/Vote GM
(20 min.)
6:05 Board: Monitoring Reports – D.12 Management Succession Discuss/Motion to accept/Vote Board member
(10 min.)
6:15 Preparation for Upcoming Monitoring Ask questions Facilitator
GM:  B.6 Shareholders
(5 min.) Board: D.7 Board Officers
6:20 Board Committees – Questions for the Board from committees  Respond
(5 min) Board Member Recruitment Judy
(15 min) Ends Ad Hoc Beth
(10 min) Community Engagement Shanta
Please mark your calendar for Wednesday, November 10, 2021
2021 Annual Meeting Update – see notes in FYI addendum section of packet
6:50 Meeting Outcomes Share All
(5 min) What do you want shareholders to know about our meeting tonight?
6:55 Executive Session (See Bylaw Article 6, Policy QIV2) Participate Facilitator
1. Discuss Search committee details/budget
(25 min.) 2. Discuss open Board seat (See Policy QIV 8.4 and 8.5)
7:20 Closing Share All
(5 min) How did this meeting go for you? What did you observe about your participation in relation to the Board Communication Norms?