Board of Directors Meeting Agenda April 2020

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Monday, April 6, 2020

5:15-8:15 pm

Due to COVID-19, this board meeting will be held online only

Shareholders are welcome to participate

Please contact Board Administrator (phone below) or for link to join.

Board Administrator: 802-246-2820 or 802-257-0236, ext. 820
Next Board Meeting: May 4, 2020
Topic Board Action/ Outcome Leader
5:15 Meeting Opening
(15 min.) Welcome visitors: What brings you to this meeting? Share All
Welcome to newly appointed Board member Acknowlege appointment Facilitator
Opening: What’s a favorite sign of spring for you? Share Facilitator
Agenda Review:  ( Focal points of tonight’s meeting in blue)
Approve March meeting minutes (3/2/20) Motion to accept; vote Facilitator
Clean-up tonight: Beth & Judy
5:30 Shareholder Input
(20 min.) Shareholder Input and feedback, including board tabling (Tamara & Jerelyn) and Jon MR’s report on feedback stats Listen/Discuss
5:50 GM: Report & Monitoring
(40 min.) GM Report includes revised discount proposal Listen/Ask questions GM, All
(30 min.)
7:00 GM Monitoring: Motion to accept; vote Facilitator
(15 min.) QII 5   Continued Operations
QII 7   Communication to Board
QII 8   Conflict of Interest
7:15 Exploratory Conversation
(30 min.) Unconscious Bias: White Fragility Discuss In groups/All
7:45 Board Perpetuation Facilitator
(15 min.)      Board Monitoring: QIV 1  Board Duties
Monitoring Preparation
     GM: QII 2  Financial Condition & Activities
     Board: QIV 2  Board Mtgs AND QIV 6  Board Job Products
Board BUDGET Discuss/Vote
Board Committees/Task Force: Review  meeting minutes Ask clarifying questions Facilitator
o   Policy & Bylaws Jerelyn
o   Board Member Recruitment Mary
o   Shareholder Engagement Judy
o   Ends Task Force Beth
Upcoming Tabling: APRIL– Mary & Judy MAY– Beth & Denise Confirm
FFT: May Skye due: (3/30/20) June Denise (due: 4/27/20) Submit to Jerelyn
FINANCIAL Training: 8-9:30pm May 5, 12, 19, 26 Mark your calendar Jerelyn
8:00 Meeting Outcomes
(5 min) What would you tell a shareholder about this meeting? Discuss All
8:05 Closing: Share All
(5 min) For you – what went well or not so well?  What is one thing you’re taking away from our meeting?
Parking Lot, 2020:
Revisit Co-op Bylaw re active patronage: Policies and Bylaw Committee
2020 Strategic Conversation Topics/Training
What does diversity mean in the context of our Co-op? What does inclusion look like in our Co-op?
2020 Committees
Bylaws and Policies (Jerelyn)
Board Member Recruitment (Mary)
Shareholder Engagement (Judy)
Ends Taskforce (Beth)