Working Shareholders

What is the Working Shareholder Program?

BFC Shareholders can get a 5% discount on all purchases by working 2 hours per month. But Shareholders are not required to work – it’s completely optional. The roots of the Working Shareholder program go back to our origins, when we formed as a buying club in 1975. In those days everyone who bought food through the Co-op had to work – our first proper employee wasn’t even hired until a few years after the Co-op was formed! Today, employees do the lion’s share of the labor, but Shareholders still play an important role in supporting the work we do here at the BFC.

How do I become a Working Shareholder?

Just do some Shareholder Hours! There’s no special process to becoming a Working Shareholder, but you do need to be in communication with the Shareholder Services department. We’ll help you figure out what jobs might work best for you, show you how to log your hours, and answer any questions you might have. Come visit us at the Customer Service desk (10am-6pm every day), or call us at 802-246-2821 (leave a voicemail!), or email us at, and we’ll help get you started.

What kind of jobs are available?

We’ve gradually been re-opening our Shareholder work opportunities after many changes during the pandemic. Currently you can schedule shifts in the following departments (Click here for current in-store work options):

  • Kitchen
  • Bulk
  • Grocery
  • Bagging Groceries at Checkout

Shareholders can also receive their discount off-site through the following options:

  • Commitment to Community: visit this page for information and instructions on using volunteer time for your Co-op discount
  • Sew bags to raise money for our Shareholder Assistance Fund – contact us via the information below for more information
  • Sew masks for our staff and the community: read this blog post for information and instructions

Please call or email Shareholder Services to find out details and to book a shift today!

We’re always happy to answer any and all questions. Contact us!