Co-op and Community Developments

  | GM Report

I have heard from many of you already in response to the article in last month’s newsletter. In fact, I got into so many good discussions in the aisles that I started the discussion forum series early, on July 28. For those of you who missed last month’s article, we are looking hard at our discount program in an effort to decide how to financially order our priorities. Please note the dates for the discount focus groups in the event calendar. We are inviting a specific number of people to ensure that we have some good discussions, but any and all are welcome to the Community Room when these are scheduled. These focused discussions offer close looks at our finances as well as our current goals, while also providing a time for ideas and feedback on all that is presented. Interested? Please let us know.

There have been many good developments in our downtown over the last month: the Downtown Business Alliance has set up four busking sites all about town, including the Whetstone Pathway. Other business groups and non-profits are claiming certain locations for clean-up, and scheduling events there for all to enjoy. Please pay attention to these happenings and stop in to enjoy the fare. By the time you read this, our own Ice Cream Social will have occurred, and I am sure lots of ice cream will have been consumed. Four temporary Port-o-Lets have been located about town for use while the town investigates more permanent options. And all of us have become more educated about resources that exist for the homeless and addicted population through efforts by the town and all of the participating partners in our current health crisis. These are some of the many steps that we must take as a community in order to move through the situation that we all experience with both dignity and accountability. Thanks to the many of you who have stepped up to participate in making our downtown more enjoyable and safer.

One result we have been thrilled about is the relative quiet on the Whetstone Pathway. Many shoppers have commented on the free and easy access they have to our Co-op and other lower Main Street businesses, and that is truly good news. July has provided pretty good sales so far, which happened to coincide with this development, so we are cautiously optimistic for continued improvement.

As always, look for me in the aisles!


By Sabine Rhyne, General Manager