Showing the Love…

  | Food For Thought, GM Report

February has always been the month that focuses on love and affection and I wanted to focus some attention on our employees. As Shareholders, we have all been feeling the strain of COVID and all of the ways it is tiring and stressful for each of us. I wanted to send out some extra love and appreciation for our staff for how hard they have been working to keep the shelves and coolers full, making fabulous food, keeping the store clean and in working order, ringing you out at the end of your shopping trip. Also for all the behind the scenes stuff that happens upstairs with Marketing, Finance, IT and HR. I appreciate them everyday and I also receive receipt feedback, phone calls, emails and am stopped in the aisles to hear how much our shoppers appreciate our employees.

For February, we are going to have red and pink hearts available at customer service and in areas around the store. If you would like to show your appreciation for a particular staff member or a whole group, please fill out one of these hearts and leave it at the Customer Service desk or with your cashier.

We are going to post these all around the store to show the love…


By Whitney Field, Interim General Manager